Sell Your House Fast.

We can buy your house fast and for cash. Selling a house can prove difficult and costly in today’s economy. It can be especially difficult if you have little equity, no equity, or are upside down. We have a new and exciting program that finally allows you to sell an equity challenged house. If your house fits our profile, it’s possible we can buy your house in as little as 72 hours. Get fast cash for your house today. Just complete our simple form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Buy a House Now.

Need to owner finance a home? Now you can. The American dream of home ownership is still alive and well. Can’t get a loan? No worries. We owner finance houses that run the gamut from small houses to big ones. No credit? Bad credit? No worries.

We just want you to make a down payment so that we know you’re invested in your house. This proves to us that you’re serious about home ownership and will continue to make monthly payments.

Just let us know what you want in a house and we’ll begin searching our inventory immediately. If we don’t have it, we’ll try to find one for you. Submit what you’re looking for today and you could literally be enjoying your very own house as early as next week. Owner finance your home today.

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Melissa D. sold her house in Austin, Tx.

Austin, Tx

Unfortunately, my field was hit hard by the recession and I lost my job. I immediately placed my house on the market, but had no serious offers. I fell 6 months behind on my mortgage payments. ThinkHouses saved me from having to file for bankruptcy, or worse, go into foreclosure. They even helped to save my credit. I’m so grateful and highly recommend them.

—Melissa D. (Austin, TX)

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