Austin, Tx. Sell your house fast.

We can help with little, no, or negative equity situations.

Although Austin, Tx has one of the most stable real estate and job markets in the country, it has not been immune to the rash of foreclosures and real estate difficulties plaguing the rest of the country. A common issue is houses staying on the market for many, many months. There is a surplus of inventory and unless you have perfect credit, perfectly acceptable buyers cannot qualify for conventional loans.

A number of these houses are un-sellable because the house has little, no or negative equity. Selling a house typically costs about 10% of the value of the house. In these unfortunate situations, a house-seller can’t even afford to pay the realtor’s commission. So, the house sits there on the market at an inflated price. The house will never sell.

We have a very special new program that can pay you market value for your house fast (often times in a week) and at no cost to you.

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